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Why Should You Invest in a Sturdy Industrial Racking System?

Warehouses are one of the most indispensable parts of a supply chain. They offer storage & distribution facilities to companies across multiple industries. In fact, according to Daze Info, India’s retail eCommerce market is growing at an exceptional rate, with an estimated reach of $145 billion by 2025.

Industrial Storage Racks are utilized for goods storage in warehouses. They help maximize the space in the warehouse while keeping the inventory organized. Various warehouse racks differ in style and size depending on the type of storage requirements. These racks include Slotted Angle Racks, a mezzanine floor, and a pallet racking system.

The industrial racking system saves money over other alternatives because it allows easy storage of multiple items in one area. For small businesses, warehouses are often one of the most significant expenses. You could incur a considerable monetary loss if you don’t use your storage racks effectively. Here are some reasons you should invest in a safe, heavy duty storage rack.

Enhances Warehouse Productivity

Pallet racks are used for storing pallets of items in warehouses & distribution centers. Not just this saves space, but it also enhances warehouse productivity.

The pallet racking system has a base frame that balances up to 4 shelves and single or more posts that keep the shelves in place. A shelf is generally placed at a distance of three feet vertically. It allows you to store multiple items more organized and help improve order picking.

For example, you can store high-demand products in one location and store related products together.

You can store massive quantities of products in smaller spaces with pallet racks. You will experience that pallet racking cuts down the frustration for warehouse staff working long hours in the storage facility.

Similarly, you can use a mobile compactor for efficient inventory management and productivity enhancement in your warehouse.

Ensures the Safety of Employees & Inventory

Pallet racks are employed for the safe storage of products. They are made to safeguard merchandise from damage during transportation. There are different types of storage racks, such as the mezzanine floor, slotted angle racks, and mobile compactor, that can be used depending on how much space utilization you want to make.

You can choose either mobile compactors or fixed upright pallet slotted angle racks. The latter allows you to load and unload merchandise without moving the rack. Mobile Compactors are movable, so they can be easily relocated whenever needed. These racks make it easy and safe for employees to move around without worrying about falling stairs or tripping over products. They are lightweight and stack fast, saving space and energy while organizing your inventory.

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We offer a range of industrial storage racks to improve your warehouse operations. Furthermore, we will assist you with our extensive industry knowledge in identifying the type of warehouse rack for your storage facility and needs. Contact us today for more details about industrial racking system.



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